Free PDF To PowerPoint For Mac Software To Convert PDF Into Editable PowerPoint

The Portable Document Format or PDF is a file format that was created by Adobe Systems and is used for representing documents independent of any hardware, software or operating systems. The Pdf files store the original document and also preserve the source file information like the text, drawing, video, multimedia, full color graphics, pictures, business logic and what not- irrespective of the application used for creating them or even when it is compiled from multiple formats into one single PDF portfolio. The PDF file encapsulates a fixed layout of the flat document including the fonts, text, graphics and all the other aspects of the file.

Therefore, if you are looking for any tips or tricks of converting these PDF files into other formats then there is certainly some scope. If you want to convert the PDF files into PowerPoint and make the PDF files editable and enable you to edit, modify or even reuse the contents of the PDF file.

To convert the PDF files into PowerPoint presentations you need to use an efficient and reliable third party software. If you are a Mac user then you can use a PDF to PowerPoint for mac which can covert the files and enable the user to create dynamic PowerPoint presentations in just a few clicks. The free PDF to PowerPoint for mac recovers the PowerPoint presentations from the PDF slides and accurately preserves the text, images, layout tables, graphics, hyperlinks and other formatting of the original document.

The free pdf to powerpoint for mac software has a number of features that have made it particularly popular amongst its users all over the world. These are given as under:

The software supports the exporting of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2008/2011. The pdf to powerpoint for mac software can convert even the PDF files that are owner password protected which means that you would not be asked to enter the password set by the owner of the file in order to restrict it from getting copied or edited. It also supports batch conversion and enables the Mac user to import a large number of PDF files and panel the conversion in a single time.

User Guide: How to Use the Software

Step 1: Import the PDF files

Drag and drop the PDF files for conversion to the program. Upto 50 PDF files can be imported at one time.

Step 2: Customize

Click on the gear icon beside the PowerPoint icon, you can customize the page ranges for the output file..

If you need to set output folder for output PowerPoint presentations,choose PDF to PowerPoint-> Preferences in menu bar and set the folder.

Step 3: Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac

Click on the Convert button to start conversion. A process bar indicates the current process during the conversion

After conversion, by clicking on the PowerPoint icon in program, converted PowerPoint presentations can be checked.